A responsive web portfolio for Ammunition Group with a mobile-first strategy.

In 2013, I interned as a User Experience Designer at Ammunition Group. Much of my focus during the summer was working on a refresh of Ammunition’s own website. Working with an internal team that included another UX designer, graphic designers, and Ammunition’s VP of Marketing, we created a website that represents the character of the studio and shows off the work in a curated, focused way.

The team worked to address several goals and challenges in this redesign. First, we aimed to create an experience optimized for tablet a mobile. This meant that using HTML5, we wanted to design the site to feel as much of a native mobile app is possible. Site flow was also a primary concern. The site is designed to engage visitors at multiple levels of detail. One can simply scroll the main site and gain a good understand of the studio, but deeper exploration into projects keeps people moving, always returning them to where they started, without confusing rabbit holes.

Contribution: Concept development, wireframing, strategy, UX spec.